What does ‘Natural’ mean in Skincare?

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What does ‘Natural’ mean in Skincare?

What does ‘Natural’ mean in Skincare?

‘Natural’ is probably the most over-used word in the world of body products.

Everyone seems to be offering ‘All Natural …….’

Some claims are true, and some are outright lies using a few natural ingredients in a totally synthetic base.

So, what is “Natural” and What does “Natural” mean in Skincare?

The simplest definition would be to say anything directly obtained from a plant, animal or

  • but that would mean it includes mineral oil – derived from petroleum, a ‘natural’ product resulting from the breakdown over billions of years of plant life.
  • and it would probably exclude honey, which bees make from the nectar of flowers. They digest it, and evaporate out a large amount of water so it can be stored without bacteria or yeasts growing in it.

Soap is another example

Traditional soap making was based on vegetable oils or animal fats and the reaction with potash/sodium hydroxide. It has been made for hundreds of years like this, and is considered a natural product, but you will not find it in nature.

So ‘natural’ is a hard word to define.

It is also important to keep in mind that various substances are produced in a laboratory, and even though man-made, have been designed to have beneficial effects on the skin.

And some ingredients in skincare need to be man-made.
For example:
A moisturiser needs to be an emulsion so you can use it. There is no way oils and water will combine – and stay combined – without an emulsifier. An emulsifier is produced in a laboratory (the natural ones are vegetable oil based). It’s purpose is to combine the oil and water into a cream type consistency, and it is so very necessary for making skincare products.

So the best to say about any man-made ingredient in skin care is:
  • If it is a naturally derived ingredient, it should still have the natural derivative present, and not have been transformed by chemical reactions.
  • If it is partially or fully synthetic, it should at least be fully skin compatible. By this I mean benign with no side effects, or preferably, be skin useable – that is, actually have benefits when applied to the skin.

And so in skin care, ‘naturalness’ will mean different things to different people.

  • Some people will be happy with any product making a “Natural” claim – however thin that seems on reading the ingredient listing.
  • Others will demand a much stricter set of boundaries to define what they use on their skin.

The end choice is for you to decide what you would be happiest with on your skin and then, ultimately, to be absorbed into your body.

What does Totally Scentual prefer/use?

For myself, and my products in Totally Scentual I  often get asked what does ‘Natural’ mean within Skincare? To me it’s:

  • The base ingredients will be as close to the natural product as possible, as well as being sourced from sustainable growers/areas.
  • The ingredients will be vegetable derived, not tested on animals, and Vegan/Vegetarian friendly where possible.


My pure natural ingredients include cold-pressed vegetable oils, natural butters, gels, pure spring water, therapeutic quality essential oils and vitamins – and always Organic when available.

My man-made ingredients include eco-certified ingredients, olive/vegetable oil based emulsifiers, naturally derived antioxidants and preservatives, and other selected beneficial products chosen for the health of your skin and hair.

My products contain no harsh chemicals or artificial additives

Please enjoy a journey of my range!

My information and recipes are based on over 30 years experience as an aromatherapist, soap maker and skincare range developer, and is supported by training and extensive reading.
I continually strive to source the best natural, and near natural ingredients available, to create wonderfully lush products for you to treat your skin, and where the price reflects the quality of these ingredients used.
All my products are made in Kununurra.

They have not been tested on animals, only my family and friends. I hope you will appreciate and enjoy them as much as they do!

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